[ro] Credem ca "a fi în pas cu moda" poate suna cliseic, dar a fi original si unic mereu este o alegere mai buna. Mai ales când ai grija si de planeta. Ce facem noi? Dam un aer fresh pieselor vestimentare, utilizând materiale reciclabile. Astfel, fiecare articol în parte are un design unic, interesant si diferit. Ca tine. [en] Alterat was built out of passion and devotion to the sustainable fashion movement. Built from scratch, built by open-minded people in order to make a positive difference regarding the everyday principles of our society. Our main purpose was to break the patterns and combine the fashion sense with ecology, in order to create wonderful and unique pieces of garments and, at the same time, to encourage the eco-friendly movement and behavior. In this way, we can take care of our planet and, of course, of the desired originality that our young society is continuously searching for. Our way of doing it is by collecting and recreating old pieces of clothes. That’s why our message is pretty simple and clear: you can be fashionable, unique and eco-friendly by wearing recycled clothes. In this way, we assure our clients that every product is original and unique while proving that “adulterated” pieces can be transformed in something beautiful and enjoyable.

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